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YouTube Vs. Private Guitar Lessons?

Young Male Musician Teaches Female Student How To Play the Guitar.

What is Most Effective?

We’re living in the day of information. Any question we have can be whimsically answered by tapping our fingertips on the keyboard. How do you fix your faucet? Youtube it. How do you make chicken casserole? Google: Chicken Casserole recipes.

But.. how does this translate to the music world? Can you learn to be a competent musician watching YouTube guitar lesson videos?

The short answer is NO. You are completely missing the most fundamental point of being a musician; using your EARS. What do we primarily use when watching Youtube Videos? Our EYES. This should be our last resort!

Will YouTube make me a better guitarist?

YouTube is a huge source of information, but have you wondered why your playing is progressing at a slow pace, even though you are obsessively watching online guitar lesson videos for months on end? It’s a good supplement, but will never be a replacement for proper musical education and guidance. There are a small handful of amazing teachers on YT, but there is little to no interaction with the viewers. Your needs and questions will never be addressed in the way it is in real time with a qualified 1-on-1 guitar instructor who perfectly caters to your needs and desires. Your ideal solution is to seek out a good personal musical coach or mentor.

Develop your Ears

Think of the great musicians and guitarists that have made an impact on musical history; Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Derek Trucks, John Mayer, BB King, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Chet Atkins, Joe Pass, Tommy Emmanuel and so on. Oh.. let’s not forget Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles; they were both legally blind! These aforementioned musicians grew up entirely relying on their ears during their primary musical development. It’s hard to believe they didn’t have the internet back then, but it was their blessing in disguise. Their ears connected with their understanding of music at an early age. This is a big reason why they became such great musical artists!

Before the age of internet, aspiring guitarists would obsessively listen to their records over and over, constantly rewinding incredible musical passages and licks until they figured them out on their own. This in itself is a very powerful ear training workout. Try it for a few months and discover how your ear starts to develop faster than ever before. Stop relying on bad tab or YouTube. Listen to an airplane as it flies above you. Grab your guitar and find those notes on your fretboard. You’ll hear frequencies drone lower as the aircraft flies away from you. Make this one of your everyday exercises!

Find Yourself a Good Musical Mentor

Finding the right musical mentor can be a challenge, but is a huge step in the right direction. A great teacher will possess the knowledge and experience to guide and inspire you to be the musician you never thought was capable. Structured studies, Inspired motivation, Extensive Ear training, Perfecting your Technique, Songwriting and Understanding the Mechanics of Music on a deeper level than ever before. You can then begin to produce your own incredible musical expression. This is what you gain by finding the right instructor!

My students always express to me their appreciation of my extreme passion when I am teaching music. I was awarded “Best Guitar Teacher of Fort Worth“ from Lessons.com in 2019. I am going to share a few testimonials from my student list. You’re welcome to read more on my Google Business or my website Review Page.



” Derek is an amazing instructor and musician. Since taking private lessons with him my knowledge and skill on the guitar has been steadily expanding. As a professional musician myself, he provides me with so many different approaches to playing that it sparks my creative juices and my love and interest for the guitar just grows-which is something you don’t normally find in your run of the mill music lessons. He teaches the guitar from all aspects: technical, mechanical, theoretical, and historical so you come out of the lesson with a complete new understanding of how it all comes together. He’s definitely an invaluable resource to anyone looking to learn or improve their playing.” -Taylor Pace


” Derek is a great instructor. phenomenal ear to pick up any riff, phrase and lick from any artist and break it down to you in sections and steps so its easy to learn. He introduced me to the 12-bar blues. We started out as student and teacher and the outcome of that was a great friendship. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to dig in and get a little blues & rock under their fingers! ” -Khristian Araneda



” As a singer songwriter who has also played in several bands as both a front-man and a side-man over the years, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by some extremely talented musicians. I was searching for a guitar instructor that could help me continue to grow as a guitarist and writer. The love and appreciation for his instrument pours out of him. If Derek cannot get you excited about your musical journey and help you progress towards the musician that you want to be, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who will be able to. I cannot recommend Derek enough as a musical mentor for guitarists of all skill levels.” – Jake Robison

You can read more Reviews here

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