Guitar Lessons Fort Worth

Private Guitar Lessons in Fort Worth

Blues Master Class

Learn to play with feeling! Beginner-Advanced Classes. Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer, BB King, Albert King, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Billy Gibbons, Lightnin' Hopkins and much more. Learn what it takes to play Blues Guitar with Power and Confidence.
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Acoustic Guitar Classes

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced technique classes. Fingerstyle and Flatpicking styles. Expand your chord vocabulary, memorize your favorite songs. Using dynamics to create emotion, learn correct fingering and technique.
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Classic Rock Guitar Classes

Learn note-for-note solos like Hotel California, Stairway to Heaven and Freeboard. Study in the styles of Hendrix, Page, Clapton, Angus Young, Billy Gibbons, Gilmour and many others. Learn about the Classic Rock scales and how to use them to create musically intense solos.
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Country Guitar Classes

Texas and Nashville are both hot spots for killer Country Guitar players. Get your chicken pickin' chops in shape. Hot open string licks, steel guitar bends, country solo concepts and more. Let us focus on some Albert Lee, Johnny Heiland, Brad Paisley, Roger Hoard, James Burton and more.
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Jazz Guitar Classes

Learn correct Jazz technique. Popular Jazz Standards, Jazz chord progressions, Turn-arounds and the special secrets to jazz scales and improvisation. Study in the styles of Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, Pat Martino, Joe Pass and much more.
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Kid Lessons & Group Classes

Kids ages 10-14 are at a great age to start learning a musical instrument. Many times, Parents love to accompany their child in lessons, so I offer Kid Lessons or Group Lessons as an option. Electric or Acoustic. Start Today!
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