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Do you desire to Play Like a Pro? Learn with a Top-Rated Pro Instructor in a Professional & Relaxing Home Studio Environment. Private Guitar Lessons are Conveniently Located on the Borders of Fort Worth and Keller. All Styles, Ages and Levels Welcome. Call to to Reserve your Lessons Now!

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Performed by Guitar Instructor: Derek Neece

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1-on-1 Private Guitar Classes

private guitar lessons fort worth

Beginner Guitar Lessons

Start playing your favorite songs within 6-8 weeks. Learn the most important chords and how to position your hands fingers correctly to keep you from developing those bad habits.

Popular and Easy strumming patterns used in 1000's of popular songs. I will also assist to help find your perfect guitar. Acoustic or Electric. Start today!

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Are you trying to learn from YouTube, but you're not getting anywhere? It's nearly impossible to learn proper technique through online tab or guitar instructional videos. Learn how to evolve your talents before developing BAD TECHNIQUE. A qualified and experienced guitar teacher is your best friend.

Learn to Play by Ear. Understand Fretboard logic. Find any Note on the Neck within seconds. Chord theory. Song Structure and Songwriting. How to play note-for-note solos and how to build your own Solos. A Solid Foundation is Crucial for the Intermediate Guitarist.

Advanced Guitar Lessons

Advanced Improvisational techniques and concepts. CAGED and Modal system explained and how to apply them to your music. Advanced Chord theory, Dominant scales, substitutions, detailed analysis of advanced transcriptions and much more.

Techniques: Sweep picking, Arpeggios, Alternate picking, Economy picking, Hybrid picking, Legato, Finger-style, Masterful vibrato, String skipping and much more.

Private Guitar Lesson Styles

Fort Worth Blues Guitar Lessons

Blues Master Class

Learn to play with feeling! Beginner-Advanced Classes. Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer, BB King, Albert King, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Billy Gibbons, Lightnin' Hopkins and much more. Learn what it takes to play Blues Guitar with Power and Confidence.
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Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Fort Worth & Keller

Acoustic Guitar Classes

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Guitar technique classes. Fingerstyle and Flatpicking styles. Expand your chord vocabulary, memorize your favorite songs. Using dynamics to create emotion, learn correct fingering and technique.
Call (682) 564-2925
Classic Rock Guitar Lessons in Fort Worth Texas

Classic Rock & Metal Guitar Classes

Learn note-for-note solos like Hotel California, Stairway to Heaven and Freeboard. Study in the styles of Hendrix, Page, Clapton, Angus Young, Billy Gibbons, Gilmour and many others. Learn about the Classic Rock scales and how to use them to create musically intense solos.
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Kids Guitar Lessons & Group Guitar Lessons in Fort Worth Texas

Kids Lessons & Group Classes

Kids ages 10-14 are at a great age to start learning a musical instrument. Many times, Parents love to accompany their child in lessons, so I offer Kid Lessons or Group Lessons as an option. Electric or Acoustic. Start Today!
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Guitar Instructor: Derek Neece

private guitar instructor
I'm Derek Neece, Guitar Instructor for Private Guitar. My home based teaching studio is conveniently located in the Keller-Watauga area. Professional Musician for 30+ years. I've performed in bands ranging from Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Metal and Top 40. I have a strong passion for all music, especially Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz and Acoustic guitar.

I was featured in the June '07 issue of Guitar Player magazine. I've worked with Award-winning producer Sterling Winfield of Pantera fame and drummer Mitch Marine from Smash Mouth, Dwight Yokum. My songs have been on 97.1 KEGL, 102.1 the EDGE and KTCU. I recently performed with Susan Giacona on the TCN Studio B Sessions program aired to 44 millions households nationwide.

I Pride myself in offering the Perfect Guitar Lesson Alternative to those dreaded and inconsistent Guitar Chain Stores. Lessons.com selected me for the "Best Guitar Lessons Fort Worth Award" in 2019.

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